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I-ai- (I-アイ-), simply pronounced as ”aye aye”, stands for the English word ”I”, myself and ”Ai”, the Japanese word for love. This Japanese Visual Kei duo creates various sounds, going from fast, rocking sounds to ballads with classical instruments. This fits in the genre of both soft and hard visual kei with experimental elements like dub step.

> I-ai- will tour for the first time in Europe and will visit 330 LIVE for an interesting liveshow.

I-ai- started in 2011 as a trio, with Hiroaki (vocal), Yuki (guitar) and Mako (bassist). On November 11th 2011 they released their first full length album ”Crystallize”. During 2012 they released the live only demo singles ”Liquid Flower” and ”Neo Jesus” while ”Fetish” was released in 2013. After bassist Mako left, I-ai- continued activities as a duo with their eyes set for a musical debut overseas. With their new line-up now in place, Hiroaki decided to change his stage name “Hiroro” to Hiroaki instead. Soon after the duo released three new digital singles on iTunes: ”Bara to Hebi”, ”Christian Rose” and ”DUTY”.

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