Mikaru G.L.A.M.S.(JPN)

open 20:00 | tot 01:00 | vvk €15 | deur €17 | UITGELEZEN CONCERT | energie | feest


Mikaru is the current vocalist of the Japanese visual kei band BLACK LINE, but is especially known in Europe for his work as the singer of DIO – Distraught Overlord, from 2006 to 2010.
  • 19.30 start VIP

  • 20.00 doors

  • 20.30 concert

With his new project G.L.A.M.S., which saw daylight for the first time in Winter 2013, Mikaru combines both art exhibitions and concerts. "G.L.A.M.S. shows the very personal side of Mikaru’s work and character. The project was launched during the 1st exhibition in Paris, organized in February 2014 at the Art Gallery Mister LO. G.L.A.M.S.’ first song, The Other Side of the Moon, was revealed as well at that time. Now MIKARU is back for an European tour and will also play at 330 live. Syu (ex-Denka) from DIO – Distraught Overlord and BLACK LINE will be DJ during the show! Mikaru will perform as a vocalist and guitarist at this concert at 330 live.

There are also VIP packs for a VIP session where you will meet

Mikaru and get a photo with Mikaru. If you buy a VIP pack, you need to buy a normal ticket at 330 live itself to make it complete as the pack is not valid without it


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